Sex in the College? What the….

I read this news from rahadian blog, when I’m looking for reference to make a design . I’m very surprised, when i read it, because it’s happen in my college, but not in my faculty. What a f*ck*n sh*t, da student do “it” before the exam, they do it in the class, s*ck. I don’t believe it. Enjoy it, guys…

It’s not a TV serial’s title. Security in our university has caught a pair of lovers having sex inside the class.

It’s Sunday, March 25, 2007. Back from Karang Jati and almost fell in the road many times. It’s because I haven’t sleep all the night. So I decide to go back to my house and take a sleep.

But in other place. There’s something happened. Tomorrow noon, I went to the lab as usual after back from the office. Then someone told me that there are students that caught by the security because they are having sex in the class.

Amazing, isn’t it ?? Then, that tonight I’m having talk with that security officer to ask about that thing. He told me everything about it from the beinning till the end. This is the story.

Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 5:00 pm. Two students come to the South MIPA building (also known as MiLan). Then when they are asked for the reason by the security, they said they are going to look for the schedule. And so the security allowed them to enter the building. The security start to suspect them, because they are taking too long time. Then the security start to check the building. After searching every place in the first floor (included the bathroom), he search the second floor. Then, in the class at the southwest area he finally found those students. But the door is closed. When he trying to open it, someone hold it. But, the security officer saw a pants lying in the floor. Then he manage to open the door using forces.

When he found them, the two students are frozen (maybe they are shock, heh… of course !!!) But the girls didn’t trying to hide her body, she only stand and freezing like nothing happened. The security was able to saw her body completely, because she is only wore a shirt over her breast (ohh… sh*t). But the security officer quickly told them to dress their cloths.

The guy is quite smart somehow, he didn’t brought any ID card, so maybe he tought that no one will recognize him. But unfortunately the officer call his friends to take the guy to his place to take his ID card. Finally he was known as a student of this University. And the girl is came from another University.

Even he is smart enough not to brought his ID card, but he is stupid enough to have a sex in the campus.

When the security officer ask him, why he taking so long time, he answerd that actually he had come once, but since the girl hadn’t come yet, she ask the guy to do it once again. It’s very funny, isn’t it ??