Hiring: (2) Sr. Designers, (1) Mid-Level Designer, (2) Jr. Designers

Company: Graphics.net   Location: Portland, United States

You have the unique opportunity to join a fast growing agency and work from wherever you choose; clothes happens to be optional. We’re looking for a couple talented individuals to join our solid team of designers all over the globe, with a base in Portland, OR. (Where clothing is not optional).

Ever wanted to move to Portland? If not, you should and can; it’s fantastic.

Preferred Experience:
2+ years of interactive/web design experience, with some of that in an agency.
A love for type, grids, and color.
Excellent written & verbal skills, as communication is key.
Ability to take direction, and give it, as needed.
Expert knowledge of Photoshop & Illustrator.
Working or better knowledge of Flash, XHTML, CSS, and Javascript.
A degree in Fine or Graphic Arts a plus, but not necessary if self-taught and amazing.
Willingness to relocate to beautiful Portland, OR would benefit your application but is not necessary.

To apply, please send ONLY your portfolio to jobs@graphics.net, as well as the name of your favorite movie (or director), artist, and band. Just your portfolio and names in a list.
Please place Tom Cruise or Philip Seymour Hoffman (based on personal preference) as the subject line, choose wisely… as it’s used to weed out the weak.

Apply now