Linkin Park get Platinum Hits! (part 3)

The album was delayed multiple times, first scheduled for summer 2006, then fall 2006, then early 2007, until finally, the release date was set for May 15, 2007. In an interview in September 2006, Shinoda explained, “When songs are pouring out you don’t ever want to stop that. We already have over 100 roughs for songs. We’ve narrowed it down since but we’re not ready to commit to those yet
Minutes to Midnight is Linkin Park’s third studio album, released, depending on location, between May 9, 2007 and May 18, 2007. It has sold over three million copies worldwide. This is the first Linkin Park album to feature a group shot of the band members on the album cover, to be co-produced by Mike Shinoda, and to receive a parental advisory sticker (excluding Collision Course, the mash-up album with Jay-Z).[2]
The album debuted at number 1 in the United States, and many other countries. In the U.S. the album had the biggest first week sales of 2007 thus far, with 625,000 copies shipped. The album has hit platinum (one million copies shipped) in the U.S. and has shipped over 3.3 million worldwide, in just four weeks. [3]
“What I’ve Done”, the lead single released from the album, was digitally released on April 3 in the UK and April 2 in the U.S. The CD single was released on April 30.
Minutes to Midnight was extremely successful in Latin America. It debuted within the top 10 in Brazil, Argentina and Chile. In Mexico, the album debuted at a low 92, but rose 90 positions to number 2 the next week, the year’s largest leap, and replaced Avril Lavigne’s The Best Damn Thing at number 1 in the International Albums chart.
Congrats to Linkin Park!!